About My Christmas Wish List

My Christmas Wish List (christmaswishlist.net) is a site enabling you to create an online wish list and share it with a designated group or groups of family members and friends, and allows you to view their lists. The site also provides registry-like features so you can see what has already been purchased or what is still available, and mark off those items that you have purchased for others. No more double-buying the same gift!

My Christmas Wish List is a great tool for families that are spread out and need to easily share a communicate their wishes. Or for those families or friends that need the convenience of an online wish list so others can access it 24/7. It works much better than sending around your list via email, or posting a list in a blog. This site has proven much more helpful, funcitonal, and easy to use than other options.

If you need to contact support with questions or comments, please email .

How Does It Work?

My Christmas Wish List works by each person creating their own profile and then joining a group with other users. If a group has already been created by a family member or friend, you can join that group. Or, you can create a new group and have other users join your group. You can belong to more than one group, so you can have a group for your immediate family as well as belong to a group of coworkers, cousins, and more.

Add items to your list including a description including the details about what you wish for. You assign a ranking to the item to indicate how strongly you desire, or how important one item is versus another. You can also include a link to a site with more information about the item, such as a manufacturer's product page.

Other users' lists can show whether or not an item has been purchased. This feature is an opt-in feature, so if you don't want to know and keep that surprise factor for Christmas, you have the option of not knowing if an item has been purchased.

Is It Really Free?

Yes, this is a free site to use. There is no fee, no upgrade price to the "full version", or any other financial commitment. Your name, email address, or wish list item information is not shared, sold, or given to others in any way. We do not leverage any of the information you supply for financial gain.

So then how do we fund the site? Through the links and advertisements on the site. We encourage you to use the shopping links and other ads on the site to help fund the operation of this site. For example, when you click on the "...search for this item on:" links under each item and make a purchase, a small percentage of that sale funds this site. It is much appreciated to make use of these links to maintain the funding needed to keep this site in operation.

There is also a "Make a Donation" link where you can contribute directly to the site unrelated to online purchases. You can find this link on the Home page after logging in, as well as on the right side of the many of the pages throughout the site. We thank you in advance for any and all support generated for this site.

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